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The Official Merch Partner for Tiffany Moníque 

Introducing the official merch & apparel brand of Tiffany Monique,  Significant Printz. Significant Printz™ is owned, founded, owner and operated by Tiffany Monique. As the Chief Creative Director, Tiffany began the brand by turning hobby into business, and passion into purpose, while pivoting from the impact of the pandemic.

Significant Prinz is a t-shirt & apparel brand centered on inspiration and Black culture. Significant Printz’s goal is to represent a positive energy, dialogue, communication, and conversations that embrace & celebrate all facets of Black culture. It highlights positive & inspirational apparel. celebrating pride, justice, unity, community, entrepreneurship, the arts, and more.

Significant Printz is the official merchandising partner of Tiffany Moníque®, so anytime you purchase or support there, you're also supporting all things Tiffany!

Feel free to follow, share and purchase while you wait for new music! Find us on Instagram @significantprintz.

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